Computer technic repairing and service in Krivoy Rog

Computer repair in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Computer repair
We repair personal computers fast and qualitatively. You can deliver your PC to our office or call specialist to your home. We can fix any problem.
Laptop repair in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Laptop repair
We fix program and system problems with your laptop. We can replace broken keyboard and touchpad. Also we can replace cracked display, broken usb ports, audio in/out ports.
Windows setup in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Windows setup
We can install operation system Windows on new personal computer or laptop. Our specialists re-install OS if it's necessarily for fixing problem. Also we can upgrade your Windows to the newest version.
Upgrade PC in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Upgrade PC
We change old PC parts to new which are more powerful. New video card improve 3D productivity. More RAM will accelerate your PC in generally. Also we can change your motherboard and processor.
Аssembling PC in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Аssembling PC
We will select the best individual configuration for your computer based on your own targets and budget.
Cleaning PC and laptop in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Cleaning PC and laptop
We clean computers and laptops from dust inside. We clean cooling system and replace broken parts. We oil the moving parts of cooling system.
Virus protection in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Virus protection
We scan system for infected files. We install special antivirus software for protection computers from virus programs, spy programs and codes. We healing already infected files.
Data recovery in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Data recovery
We can recover your data after accidentally deleting or formatting your hard drive.
Local network in Krivoy Rog. DataUp
Local network
We design and make local area networks for home and offices. We can connect computers, laptops, scanners, printer and more else.

Computer service in Krivoy Rog

Upgrade, repair and service computers in Krivoy Rog

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Our qualificated specialists will take care about your computer technic repairing, service and choosing. You can contact us everytime when you have problem with your PC. laptop, tablet PC and else. We will help you fast, qualitatively and comfortable.

You can deliver your broken technic to our office or call a spacialist to your appartment.
Reciving orders a week
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Quick repair
Quality guaranteed
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Krivoy Rog Computer service center DataUp

Ukraine, Krivoy Rog, Parkovaya St, 13. Phone numbers: +38 (093) 339-45-58, +38 (098) 730-60-71, +38 (099) 350-80-93.